MUA Makeup Academy Professional has Landed at Chula Vista CVS Locations!

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Ok, I lied... I haven't been to ALL the CVSes in Chula Vista, and there are a LOT, but the one in the Chula Vista Center was literally in the middle of setting up the display when I snapped a few pics and snatched a neutral palette. I had been there 5 hours prior on an errand, and it wasn't there, so I almost squealed like a little girl when I found it.

Here are a few shots of the display:

There was some more stuff on the sides, mostly false lashes and brushes, but there were employees setting it up so I skipped that. MUA is a pretty well known high street, or drugstore, UK brand and I knew that CVS carried their brush line, but I hadn't seen any makeup in store until today. This is my first experience with the brand and my first product purchased. Yay! I'm a low key anglophile, so learning that I'd be in an area with a popular UK brand made me a little happy, ok?

I was a bit disappointed to see that the cheapest thing I could find at a glance was a wimpy squeeze tube of gloss at $7.50. I'd say that this brand is somewhere between Maybelline and L'Oreal in their pricing, but I was expecting it to be a bit cheaper. Bummer. The display looks like it's a heavily lip-focused line - there are legit about a dozen different types of lip products - but not a whole lot else in regards to the rest of the makeup kingdom. I love me some lip products, but I wasn't ready to splash out nearly $10 for a single product, so I naturally went for the $14 neutral pallet because I'm basic and afraid of bright colors.

This thing is literally called "Nude Eye Shadow Palette"

Yes, I will be doing a review on this later, but I just wanted to share the pretty picture with you!


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  2. I just got this a week ago and I LOVE it! I think I paid $14 for it though - but it's totally worth it for the *matte* shades. I paid 1/2 that for a single Almay - which looks like a deep matte brown, but it goes on so light, it was basically a waste of $$. The colors are rich and they STAY on (I usually use a primer b/c I have oily lids). VERY happy with this!


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