PÜR Browder Perfecting Brow Powder Review + Swatch

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
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My preferred go-to brow product is definitely a tinted brow gel, but I do love me a good powder for when I'm feeling a bit saucier. I tend to go the powder + angled brush route so this all-in-one PÜR Browder Perfecting Brow Powder left me scratching my head upon first look.

The tube is pretty puny! It's shorter and thinner than my coveted Glossier Boy Brow. The base is grey with silver script and a band near the bottom that coordinates with the powder shade. The twist-off cap is silver and has the odd applicator attached to it. The applicator is a long, tapered, flexible, possibly felt doohickey that grabs the powder. The shade "Medium Brown" is indeed a medium brown shade that is cool-toned.

The application on this can be a bit messy since the mouth of the tube doesn't fully remove all the excess product, leading to fallout on the face and on the workspace. This isn't near as precise as I'd like since the tip is blunt and a little wide, however the texture and the formula of the powder does give a more natural effect. If you want to play fast and loose, using the applicator on it's side will yield a full brow in a few seconds, but it still needs to be brushed out so it doesn't look overdone.


Size: 0.07 oz/2 g

Price: $22

Availability: Ulta, PÜR

  • Compact
  • Quick brows in seconds
  • Pigmented

  • Messy
  • Can look overdone
  • Doesn't have precise 

Cruelty free: Yarp!

Final thoughts: While I don't think this product is for me because I like the more undone look, it still has some redeeming qualities, like the pigmentation and quick application. I think that the applicator tip could be more precise and the excess product issue should be fixed and then I'd be more likely to use this on the regular.


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