Glossier Soothing Face Mist Review

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
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It's no secret that I'm absolutely in love with Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser. Since that product worked so well for me, I decided to foray into more skincare items from them. Glossier recently had a promotion where you got their Soothing Face Mist at their Coconut Balm Dotcom for $5 with free shipping, so I decided the time was NOW... er, THEN! It's been many moons since I've had a facial spray in my daily routine.

The packaging is pretty minimalistic, but this is Glossier that we're talking about. The white bottle has black script and has a classic, Glossier pink band across the top with a white Glossier G. The cap and cap components are a semi-sheer, milky shade and this spray bottle has a traditional push-down dispenser. This Soothing Face Mist is a rosewater spray that also has aloe, glycerin, and honeysuckle for a fragrant, yet hydrating face spritzing experience. Pro tip: store this in the fridge during the hot summer months. It basically turns it into spray-on air conditioning.

I like using this as a part of my skincare routine. After pouring over The Little Book of Skin Care, which is basically a user's guide to Korean skincare, I started spraying my face down after cleansing so I have a nice, slick surface to apply my serums to. I've also been using this on my no-makeup days as a way to cool down, lightly moisturize, and refresh because this summer is KILLING ME! I tried using this as a makeup refresher like Glossier recommended, but it ended up making me look pretty oily, so there went that use! This stuff legit smells like Rose Turkish Delight, which is one of my favorite fancy sweets, so using it is a happy little aromatic experience, but it ends up making me hungry because I'm a fatty. I can only use about 2-4 sprays of this on my face since I found overspritzing can cause the sensitive areas on my skin, i.e. the delicate skin around my eyes and also around my mouth, to feel a bit itchy.


Size: 4 oz

Price: $18

DEAL: Get 20% off your first order

Availability: Glossier

  • Refreshing facial spray
  • Pleasantly scented
  • Provides some light hydration

  • Only available online
  • Fragrances can prove to be irritating for sensitive skin
  • Use over makeup makes you look oily

Cruelty free: Yepp-o

Final thoughts: I like this as a step in my skincare or as a refresh during my no-makeup days, but using it over makeup is just asking to look like a shiny, shiny lady. It adds some hydration with the glycerin, but I find that it can make me a bit temporarily itchy if I over do it, and because of that I wouldn't recommend it for people with sensitive skin. I like this product, but I'm kind of on the fence on whether or not I'm going to repurchase it. I think I'm going to reevaluate my feelings on it once the air starts to dry out and see if it provides light, but effective moisture during the colder months. If it proves to be ok, but not great, I probably won't, but small complaints aside, it's a pretty nice facial spray.


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