Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S122 Review

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
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Stilazzi is a brand that I'd never heard of prior to The Makeup Show LA. Stilazzi is a brand aimed at the professional makeup artist whose inventory widely covers pro MUA tools and supplies, like this S122 Synthetic Brush. I'm a lover of synthetic brushes, but I tend to be pretty picky about the quality of them. Does this simple eyeshadow brush hit the mark, or does it fall flat?

There's nothing particularly stand-out when it comes to this brush. The white, glossy, lacquered handle has black script with the brand's name and brush number on the front and back, respectively. The ferrule is a glossy black metal which seems to be firmly clamped to the handle. The synthetic bristles are also black and quite shiny and soft. The density is neither too sparse nor too dense, but there is a significant amount of give to them.

The Stilazzi S122 brush doesn't particularly stand out to me as a unique brush - which isn't a bad thing. Having normal "boring" shader brushes in multiple densities, shapes, and sizes is always a plus. This one performed pretty well both with regular powder shadows, loose pigments, and did alright with stamping on odd hybrid formulas like the ColourPop shadows. It seems solidly built, deep and spot cleans easily, and hasn't shown any signs of shedding.


Price: $5.95

Availability: Stilazzi, Frends Beauty


  • Solidly built
  • Easy to clean
  • No shedding issues


  • Bristles are a little too flexible for my tastes

Cruelty free: This brush is, but I can't speak for the rest of the line.

Final thoughts: Overall, I do like this brush. I have no complaints, and I think it's a pretty safe gamble when it comes to inexpensive synthetic brushes and makes me want to try out more from the line, however I may just stick to the syntho eye brushes since the face brushes and natural bristle line start getting up there in price.


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