Crown Brush Ultra Skinny Eye Marker Review + Swatch

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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Fun fact about me: I NEVER use liquid liner. I have upturned eyes that happen to have a pretty severe downturned hood, so the idea of winged liner is quite a laughable notion. I received this Crown Brush Ultra Skinny Eye Marker as part of my Blogger bag for The Makeup Show LA, and I've been putting off reviewing it because it honestly does not fit into my makeup routine at all because of my aforementioned predicament. I was also pretty iffy because I know Crown Brush as a decent, but cheap brush company. I've tried another one of their makeup products, which I used in my Rainbow Concealer tutorial, and it was pretty "ok" and I didn't know what to expect with this $7 liquid liner.

I know that private label packaging is hardly ever luxurious, but the design aesthetic is preeeetty boring. Plain, unassuming white script is printed on a very generic black plastic capped pen. The tip on this is felt tip and is reversible, as in if one side dulls you can pull it out, turn it around, insert it back in and BOOM! a new, sharp tip. The scent is somewhat chemical, but it isn't awful.

What I liked about this is that it was SUPER black, applied smoothly, and didn't stick to itself when you inevitably had to reapply over it for that perfect, crisp line, but this baby just didn't have the lasting power. It's definitely not waterproof, transfer-proof, or rub-proof, which was very evident when I looked in my inner corners, what used to be a sharp point, and what was left in the crumple of my outer hood after a couple hours. If you don't have hooded lids, you may be able to get away with this in a cool climate, but ultimately it doesn't work for me even though it seemed so promising in the beginning. I will give it props for being super easy to remove though!


Size: 0.0367 fl oz/1.1 mL

Price: $7.99

Availability: Crown Brush


  • Pigmented
  • Smooth application
  • Doesn't crack or peel


  • Wears poorly
  • Easily rubbed off

Cruelty free: Most likely not.

Final thoughts: I feel like this is overpriced for what it is, and that's sad when you consider that it's only $8. There are drugstore varieties that are similarly priced with more attractive packaging, and will stick around longer. It's such a shame that the lasting power on this is awful because the pigmentation is amazing, but alas.


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