Hask Charcoal Purifying Line Review

Thursday, June 23, 2016
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After my minor hair fiasco with the L'Oreal Cleansing Balm, I was pretty hesitant to try a different hair line from my usual coveted Redken All Soft, especially after color correcting my awful orange grow out. The fact that this hair care line is a purifying one made me even more nervous. So did this budget friendly selection made the grade or end up in the bin?

Sephora Point Perks for June

Thursday, June 2, 2016
I haven't been this excited about point perks from Sephora for years. YEARS! I pretty much dropped everything and made an online order as soon as I got the email announcing what you can get this month. Check out the sweet items that you can nab with your hoarded points!

Summer Lip Care for Under $10

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Ah, summer. That time of the year everyone looks forward to until you remember the scorching heat and bodily damage from all that blasted sunshine. There's a lot you should be doing for your body as the thermometer creeps higher and higher, like staying hydrated, wearing sunnies, and protecting yourself from the sun, but if there is one thing I can't live without during 3 months of hell on earth the warmer months it's lip care. There is nothing worse than being hot AND thirsty AND feeling like  your lips have turned into a landing strip for dessicants and hot sauce, which is why, dear readers, I wish to share some of my favorite lip products to keep your kissers plump, protected, and properly hydrated while you wait for fall. Oh, and they're pretty inexpensive.

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