Sephora Point Perks for June

Thursday, June 2, 2016
I haven't been this excited about point perks from Sephora for years. YEARS! I pretty much dropped everything and made an online order as soon as I got the email announcing what you can get this month. Check out the sweet items that you can nab with your hoarded points!

Where to even begin! The first items that really caught my attention were the mascaras. I never buy high end/luxury mascaras full size if I can avoid it, so snapping up two that I've never used before for FREE was a no-brainer. The Bite Beauty item was also immediately selected because anything and everything Bite produces is pure gold. Their lip products are by far my favorite formulas when it comes to natural brands. There's also a good selection of skin care, hair care, and other makeup items. 

I'm just gonna point out that the size of this (0.33 oz) is the same size as one of their $20 roller balls. 'Nuff said.

The 500 point perk isn't new this month, but it's still worth mentioning. That's a lot of product (each product averages out to 1 oz each) for none dollars and zero cents.

Here's the stuff that I snatched up:

I had to buy SOMETHING to get these things shipped, so I opted for my favorite form of instant gratification - i.e. sheet masks. I decided on the TONY MOLY one because you get two instead of just one for $7.50 making each mask less than $4 a pop. Like I said before, I'm an absolute maniac when it comes to Bite so I had to pick that one up. Both of the mascaras ended up in my basket as well. After falling in love with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder I've been wanting to try more from the (super expensive) brand, so I decided to give their primer a go. I've also been on the search for a facial SPF that doesn't leave me greasy, so I'm sacrificing 100 points in the hopes that this Josie Maran one does the trick.

Do you see any point perks that you absolutely MUST have? Let me know!


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