Product Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Raisin Rage and Teak Rose

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
"A girl can NEVER have enough fall lip shades" is what I told myself when I broke my buy ban to get these... and a few other lipsticks from Wet n Wild, which you can read about HERE. Since both of these were the last ones in the displays, I'm really glad I grabbed them before having to wait for my local Rite Aid to restock. It's no secret that I'm super iffy about Revlon since most of the time we don't exactly see eye to eye, but the Super Lustrous Creme line and I tend to get along famously and these two are no exception!

The packaging is the standard Revlon Super Lustrous stuff. Glossy black tube, logo emblazoned golden band, a clear window at the top to see the shade (mighty helpful), and color coordinated name labels at the bottom. Nothing fancy here, but it's functional and prevents confusion between shades unlike some other brands (*cough cough*... MAC).

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Humina humina!

Raisin Rage is a lovely brown based reddish-berry. I think it's perfect because it doesn't lean too far into either of the color categories!

Teak Rose is a very earthy rose shade.

Both shades are absolutely stunning! The intense pigment can either be played up by direct application, which is a dream due to the fact that is just glides on, or muted with brush application or just tapping the bullet on the lips. These shades are really flattering on a range or skin shades, especially Rasin Rage. Since Rasin Rage is rather dark, it can stain lips though so be careful if you're not about that. 

The wear time for both shades is pretty good for creme finish lippies. They're not as steadfast as, say, a matte, but I'm pretty impressed! They can survive several hours or some light eating or drinking without reapplication. My only gripe about the formula on these is that it's a tad heavy. There's a definite "I'm wearing lipstick" feel to them, but that's about it. 

TL;DR Section:

Price: Ranges from as low as $4.97 (Walmart) to as high as $8.29 (Rite Aid)

Size: 0.15 oz/4.2 g

Availability: Drugstores everywhere, Ulta, and

  • Fantastic pigmentation
  • Great wear time
  • Easy and pleasant application
  • No unpleasant scent or taste
  • Apart from Raisin Rage staining a bit, I've got nothin'.

Cruelty Free: No

These two will be frequent flyers in my makeup bag for this season!

Overall Rating: 9.5/10


  1. I've had my eye on Raisin Rage for some time now. Its got a touch of brown that I'm really wanting for the fall.

  2. Those colors are gorgeous! I am obsessed with Raisin Rage! I bought Black Cherry for fall a month ago; another great color if you're looking for more :)

    1. I picked up that shade last year and I really do love it. :) I'm just looking for more earthy and less purple tones for this year.

  3. Damn, those are some beautiful lipsticks. Any chance of getting lip swatches?

    1. Well I can certainly try! I initially wanted to put some shots in but they were hilariously bad. I am in no way a photogenic person, haha. Perhaps not the best choice of hobby for someone that ends up looking like a potato every time a shutter clicks, but hey.

    2. Shush you, you are a beautiful potato. <3

    3. Am I the prettiest potato in the pot roast?

  4. The Revlon Super Lustrous line is my favorite range of lipsticks because of the wide variety of finishes and shades to suit all tastes! Sadly, some malls I frequent only carry a limited array of these products, which is a shame (or maybe a good thing) because I plan to buy LOTS!


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