Product Review: BA Star Holo Silver Glitter (press sample)

Saturday, September 21, 2013
I received this product for review from BA Star through BrandBacker. This cosmetic glitter is actually part of a two-piece set, which also comes with a glitter adhesive that I absolutely do not recommend. Why? Well, just read my review product HERE.

One thing that I want to note before getting into the review is that glitters are particularly hard to review since they are, in fact, just loose glitter. I can't really test the wear time, or the pigmentation, or any of those other things that would normally bring up a normal product review, so were pretty much just going to go by the seat of our pants on this one.

The glitter comes in a very flimsy container that has a screw on lid. The lid has the brand name on it in silver lettering. On the bottom you'll find a relatively cheap sticker with the product name on it. BA Star claims that this packaging is "safely sealed to ensure freshness", however I do not find that to be the case since there was some pretty significant glitter leakage from this product before I even opened it. I also have a bit of a sneaking suspicion that this is just cheap repackaged glitter with a bumped up price because there is nothing in the performance, the product, or the packaging that makes me think that I should be paying nearly nine dollars for it.

BA Star Silver Holo Glitter swatched over a variety of mediums.

For the overall appearance of the glitter I really can't knock it. It's a gorgeous silver holographic shade, which isn't too chunky or to fine. I'd love to be able to incorporate this into some eye looks, but the BA Star website doesn't say anything about this being eye safe, so I'm not going to risk my peepers on that one. BA Star recommends using this for the face, the hair, and the body, but since those are little too 90s for me, I think I'm going to go ahead and just dump it into some clearcoat and use it as nail polish.

Obviously, since this is a glitter with absolutely no bonding agents, it does need a base in order to stay on the surface that is packed onto. I don't have much experience with glitter bases. Actually scratch that, I have NO experience with glitter bases, but I do know one thing; the product does comes with is horrible, and oddly enough the Wet and Wild primer from the Fergie collection works really well.

Price: $15.75 in 2 piece kit with silver holo glitter, $8.75 individually, $6.00 each on orders larger than 6 units

Special Offer: 50% off the 2 Pc Glitter Kit Holo Silver (contains Glue Liquid Base and Silver Holo Glitter), or each individual product, with code BBGLITZ

Size: 0.5 oz (fill weight)


  • Pretty
  • The packaging is flimsy and is ineffective in keeping glitter from leaking out
  • Not approved for eye use

Cruelty Free: No

Would I recommend this product? Maybe? I think it's a little overpriced or what it is, especially with the poor packaging, but it's really gorgeous and it's a lot cheaper than a lot of other options out there when it comes to cosmetic glitter. However since it's getting relatively close to Halloween, I'd recommend holding out on this one in waiting until Wet and Wild releases their annual Halloween glitter, which looks pretty similar, happens to be a finer texture, has more product, and has better packaging.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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