Product Review: Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Color in Bebot Love and Ferguson Crest Cabernet

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
I've been eyeballing this line since it came out, but I never got around to picking them up for some reason. These babies got snatched up at my local Kmart during my search for the new Rimmel Extra Pop Lash colored mascaras (you can watch my video review of the Pop Purple shade HERE). I had no idea that Kmart carried the Fergie line, so that was a bit of a pleasant surprise! Naturally I picked up a nude and a vampy shade... I mean, have you SEEN my collection of lipsticks?

My only gripes about these products have to do with packaging. The "chrome" packaging picks up just about anything and ends up looking grimy in about 0.125 seconds. This next issue isn't anything new to Wet n Wild since pretty much ALL of their lipsticks are packaged this way, but the fact that the lip product doesn't fully retract into the bullet drives me NUTS! I've had these less than a week and I've already put some gouges in the lipstick. The fact that the cap has such a severe slant is also a problem because if you don't put it on exactly matching the slant of the lipstick, you'll get a nice big glob of it on the lid. C'mon, Wet n Wild! You're better than this!

Now horrible packaging design aside, I'm quite smitten with these little lippies! The formula is magnifique! They're actually quite similar in texture and opacity to the Wet n Wild MegaLast lipsticks, but they apply in a smoother manner and have a finish that is more of a satin/creme hybrid than a matte. The feel of these is also similar to the MegaLast lipsticks, but it just a hair lighter. If you've ever tried the e.l.f Studio Matte Lip Colors, they're kind of like that, but heavier. The formula also isn't drying and, due to the creamier nature of it, doesn't emphasize dryness or lip flaws. These lipsticks also last several hours and only require reapplication after heavy eating frequent drinking.

Can I just get an amen for these suckers? Those are single swipe swatches. Holy mother of makeup!

Bebot Love is the nude lipstick I've been searching for since I began this whole journey! It's a skin toned nude, but it's nowhere near concealer lip territory for my light, neutral toned skin. It doesn't pull to peach, it's not super pale, it doesn't pull to pink... it's literally the best thing ever. If only this had existed 3 years ago when I thought it would be a good idea to wear MAC Peachstock everyday, I would have been saved a lot of pain.

Ferguson Crest Cabernet is another one of those ever abundant deep berry/plum shades that you see EVERYWHERE for fall. It's a pretty shade no doubt, but it's just one of many MAC Rebel dupes, which I'm getting very bored of, and a slightly glossier version of Wet n Wild's very own Sugar Plum Fairy from the MegaLast line. If plums are your jam (haha), I'd definitely recommend checking this one out because it's cheap and has an amazing formula.

One thing to note about the Ferguson Crest Cabernet is that it WILL stain. That right up there is my arm after I wiped off my swatches several seconds after applying them.

One last thing that kinda bothers me though is that the price difference between the Wet n Wild MegaLast lipsticks, which are essentially these but with a more matte finish, and the Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Color is a whopping $1.50. I know, a buck and a half doesn't seem like all that much money, but these lipsticks are nearly twice as much as their matte counterparts AND that is with worse packaging AND less product (3.3 g for the MegaLast and 2.95 g for the Fergie). I don't have that much of a problem forking over another $1.50 for these since the formula is so exquisite, but I'm a little grumpy that having a celeb name on my lipstick warrants that much of a price increase.

TL;DR Section:

Price: $3.49

Size: 0.10 oz/2.95 g

Availability: Drugstores that carry the Wet n Wild Fergie line (Kmart and Walgreens are best known)

  • Marvelous pigmentation
  • Full coverage color
  • Long wearing
  • Wonderful finish
  • Smooth application
  • No unpleasant scent or taste
  • Doesn't dry out the lips much for a satin-y finish product
  • Packaging picks up finger prints very easily
  • Packaging will destroy the lipstick if it gets the change to
  • The product doesn't fully retract into the tube

Cruelty Free: Yes

I'd love to give these a 10, but that frickin' packaging, man... that frickin' packaging. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

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  1. ferguson crest cabernet is like my everyday lip color right now, I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve it!


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