Product Review: Total Intensity by Prestige Long Term Relationship Fierce Color Eyeshadow in Hocus Pocus

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Before we get into the long bits of this post I have two things to say about this "Total Intensity by Prestige Long Term Relationship Fierce Color Eyeshadow in Hocus Pocus" eyeshadow:
  1. The brand and product type name are stupidly long and I will hereby be referring to it as Prestige Hocus Pocus
  2. Get this. Now. 

The packaging of this eyeshadow isn't anything too terribly exciting beyond the holographic product sticker on the back. The round pan is nestled in the center of the square, plastic packaging. If anything, it's a little excessive. It looks a little ho-hum right now, since it's giving off the illusion of being a deep murky, steely green... but don't let that fool you. The swatch will blow your mind

Ho. Ly. Crizzap. 

The red/brown base is just nearly overrun by the INSANE blue/green duochrome, plus it does have a few flecks of glitter in there (as if this wasn't awesome enough)! This eyeshadow is the very best duochrome I've run across. Don't believe me? Check it out compared to the more popular duochromes out there:

Chyeah... Hocus Pocus is the undisputed champion here! (Can we also note how completely pathetic MAC Club is?)

Please ignore my horrible photoshop eyebrow pluck in this picture...

In addition to being pigmented beyond all comprehension, this eyeshadow also has a great texture that is soft, yet firm enough to cause zero fallout when applied with a stiff brush and blended out. The only complaint that I have about this is that it is a little resistant to blending on freshly primed lids on a hot summer day. The duochrome effect is also lessened the more you blend, but that is totally normal in these types of shadows. 

So basically, this eyeshadow is my new favorite thing ever. 

Price: $8.50

Size: 0.07 oz, 2G

Availability:, and locations that Prestige Cosmetics are sold

  • Great texture
  • Fantastic pigmentation and vibrancy
  • Strong duochrome
  • Can be a bit hard to blend without a base shade
Cruelty Free: No

Seriously, get this eyeshadow if you're a duochrome fan because it will rock your socks right off. 

Overall Rating: 10/10


  1. HOLY CRAP! I'm going to go buy this tomorrow now! OMG.

  2. Did you buy it online or in a store?

    1. I bought it from my local Rite Aid. :)

  3. SCREAMING BECAUSE IT'S PERFECT!!!!! I thought the Wet N Wild one would be close but dang was I wrong! I need this.

    1. Yes you do. You really really do. This is pretty much my go-to eyeshadow single now. It is perfection!

  4. I just picked this up on clearance at ULTA. I thought about gifting it, but wanted to see how it compared to UD Lounge (that I'm getting for Christmas)... This one is staying with me! Also, I found that when you pull the sticker off the back, it has a convenient little hole to help depot it. It's now in my everyday eyeshadow palette. :D


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