Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review + Swatches + Tutorial

Monday, June 30, 2014
I was over the moon when I found out that the drugstore was getting a legitimate nude makeup palette! Not some dinky thing with tiny pans, or only four shades, but a real, bonafide neutral palette! My grabby hands went straight to the Maybelline displays as soon as I got into Ulta and this thing quickly found its way into my makeup stash.

The palette comes with 10 eyeshadows, 5 of which are matte (!!!), and a pretty decent array of shades. 

I decided to throw a quick look together using a few of my favorite shades in the palette.

While I think it is super awesome that there is a legitimate palette available at the drugstore, I didn't let the excitement cloud my judgement and that kind of lead to a really hard come down with this dude...

You'll see why.

the third shade and matte black required 2+ swipes

Some of the shades here are really awesome, but most need some major coaxing with primer and heavy application. My personal favorites are the first (but only because it has an awesome blue/pink/purple shift... it has fallout like a nuclear meltdown) and fourth from the top row and the first, fourth, and fifth from the bottom row. The matte brown from the bottom row isn't half bad either, but I've seen better mattes in general from the drugstore before. 

One of the nifty things about this palette though is that it has a nice little guide on the back if you're a bit stumped on color combinations. The arrangement of the shades is actually quite ingenious because they're all arranged in quads, trios, AND duos. Kudos to Maybelline on the crafty planning. 

I really don't feel all that attached to this palette and I'm frankly a little pissed that I shelled out $12 for this because I was expecting more from the eyeshadows. I could honestly take it or leave it because so many of the shades are so... bleh and faint. 

TL;DR Section:

Price: $9.99-$12.99 depending on the retailer

Size: 0.34 oz, 9.6 g

Availability: Drugstores, Ulta, and other Maybelline retailers

  • Slim, compact packaging
  • Clever arrangement of eyeshadows
  • Some of the shadows are real winners with amazing pigmentation and velvety softness
  • Most of the shadows require a primer to show up
  • Most of the mattes are really patchy 
  • Fallout galore from the more glittery shades.

Cruelty free: No

Overall rating: 6/10


  1. Is it weird that I liked the look you did but the tutorial made me not want to buy the palette?

    PS Gertrude is adorable ^_^

    1. Not weird at all! The look is easily attainable with better quality shadows, so thank God. :P

      And I'll let Gertie know you think she is adorable. Lol

  2. I wasn't too interested in this palette because maybelline shadows haven't always been my favorite. I think I'm going to stick with the new color tattoos and skip on the palette!

    Thanks for the review!

  3. This is such a pretty palette. Too bad about the quality, Maybelline usually churns out decent products.

  4. Maybelline 12 kit Nude palette is very good with the prices range. when you compare the urben decay, i prefer maybellin kit, eyeshadow within kit is fine, Loved it, Loved it


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