Maybelline Leather Color Tattoo Collection Swatches

Saturday, June 28, 2014
I've always thought that the Color Tattoo line needed more mattes and more neutrals, and it seems like Maybelline has answered my prayers! Welcome to the brand new, (nearly) all matte Leather addition to the permanent line!

There is only one shimmer in the 5 shade addition. Right now, these babies seem to be in product displays in most stores, but my super sneaky Fred Meyer had stocked extras in the permanent display where a few other discontinued shades used to be.

Unfortunately, not all Color Tattoos are created equal. You normally see shades that are a bit patchier or ones with sub-par performance in limited edition releases, but a few have been known to sneak into the permanent line and I've gotta be the bearer of bad news here when I say that two of these guys are a little "iffy".

Dramatic Black, Chocolate Suede, and Creamy Beige are all right as rain and the one-pass swatches above reflect that. Deep Forest and Vintage Plum on the other hand needed two or more passes in order to look not as patchy. All of the new shades have a very slippery texture to them, which I think lead to the patchiness of the not-so-great two. The more emollient feel can also lead to creasing on oiler eyelids, or if the shadows aren't given time to fully dry, OR if they aren't set with a powder. 

On to the individual shades!

Dramatic Black:
  • Rich, dark, matte black
  • Good pigmentation
Chocolate Suede:
  • Dark brown base with bronze and purple shimmer
  • Quite similar to the L/E Rich Mahogany shade from a few Fall collections back
  • Excellent pigmentation
Deep Forest:
  • Subdued green khaki
  • Patchy pigmentation, needs to be worked with and blended
Vintage Plum:
  • Muted dusty plum
  • Patchy pigmentation, needs to be worked with and blended
Creamy Beige:
  • Dark brown/beige
  • Excellent pigmentation

Price: $6.99


  1. All these shade look lovely! I have been loving cream shadows lately :) Great post!

    Pink Frenzy

  2. Just picked up creamy beige today! I haven't been this excited about a maybelline product in a while! Need to get the plum and forest shades soon!


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