Beauty Blender Micro Mini Review

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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 Sorry about the mangled tube. My dachshund love crunchy plastic packaging

Me and Beauty Blender go waaay back! I've been using their original sponge off and on since 2012 and really, really like it. There have been a lot of new releases from the brand, some of which seem really gimmicky, but none of them caught my eye. Even these tiny little buggers didn't pique my interest and the only reason I have it is because it was in a past Beauty Con BFF Box. I prefer to do a lot of under eye work with a sponge so I thought I'd give these ones a go for that.

The Beauty Blender Micro Mini comes in a two pack and these little lime green sponges are supposed to be used for more focused tasks like highlighting and contouring. Personally I think they're a huge waste of money. I'm not even going to mince words here - I just plain don't like them, find them ridiculous, and think that they're just a ploy for Beauty Blender to sell more products. My first issue with them is their size. Yes, I understand the redundant "micro mini" name means that they're gonna me small, but I have tiny little Donald Drumpf hands and I even find them to be comically minuscule and difficult to handle. Even when wet, they're still too small to do a reasonable amount of work without taking a long time to do so. Speaking of them being wet - they're already not very dense as it is, so when they do get wet it's like they compact down into nothingness. The reason why I like the OG BB is because it has some give to it whilst still being bouncy and dense. These just crumple in on themselves making them pretty much useless to pat products in, especially using the pointed side.

MAC lipstick for reference, wet, and dry

Let's be real here; you can do your contour, your highlight, and even targeted concealing so much faster with a regular, full-sized beauty blender depending on which end or angle you use it at so there's really no reason to have these. I might like them more if they had the same density as their larger counterpart, but the super fluffy texture makes them a total bust in my book.


Size: very small

Price: $18

Availability: Sephora, Beauty Blender, BirchBox


  • Ummm

  • Comically small when dry
  • Unusably mushy when wet

Cruelty free: One would hope?

Final thoughts: Just buy the original one or a good makeup sponge alternative. These are a bit useless and I wouldn't recommend them.


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