OFRA Havana Nights Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatch

Friday, September 2, 2016
Press Sample

Time for another OFRA review. Let's get this over with. For those of you who that are new here; I've disliked 99% of the products I've tried from this company and I have tried a LOT. Pardon me if I'm not particularly enthusiastic.

My packaging is different than what you'd find in the permanent line because it was a freebie that I got at GenBeauty L.A.... but still. The sturdiness of this is fine, the doe foot is fine, but the cheapie clear sticker with a label that looks like it was made on PicMonkey... gurl, you're a "professional" line. You have money to develop attractive looking items and give regularly packaged PR items, especially with how much you charge for products. Havana Nights is a collaboration shade with YouTube makeup darling, Kathleen Lights. It's a dark, vampy wine red.

As far as OFRA products go, their liquid lipsticks are more tolerable for me. I've reviewed a previous shade and I've found this one to be pretty similar to the other one. It never fully dries down, and it's not supposed to, it wears for a pretty long time and is pigmented, but the odd thick, mousse-y texture can feel dry after an hour or so of wear, leads to pilling, and has a distracting quality where it sticks to itself if you press your lips together. As far as OFRA goes, this is a good product. As far as liquid lipsticks go, this isn't that great and I find it to be over priced. It's not a horrible product, but it's not worth the money.


Size: 6 g

Price: $19.90

Availability: OFRA


  • Pigmented
  • Long wear time


  • Never dries down leading to it sticking to itself
  • Pills
  • Feels dry

Cruelty free: Yep

Final thoughts: Like I said, as far as OFRA goes this is an ok product, but when compared to the plethora of other liquid lipsticks out there, it's really not my favorite. It does have a long wear period, is quite pigmented, but I don't like the texture of the product.


  1. I like the color (and your eye look), but I wouldn't drop $20 on it.

  2. Would you say there's any hint of purple to it? Your application looks like a brown/red (love)... But I've seen swatches & it lends to a burgundy with purple tint to it (not a fan).

    Also, would you compare the consistency to Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks? I ended up hating KC lipstick, b/c it was exactly how you described "it pills, it doesn't fully dry, etc")


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