New Drugstore Brand Alert! EDDIE FUNKHOUSER (press samples)

Thursday, April 25, 2013
I got some new press samples in today and I think that they're too exciting not to share before I start testing them out for review!

Rejoice, Rite Aid customers and drugstore divas of the US! We've got a new brand hitting the shelves of my favorite drugstore. I'd like to introduce you to EDDIE FUNKHOUSER!

The PR department sent me a folder full of information, which I will share with you, and a few goodies to test out. Yippee!

Let's start out with a little background on the brand and it's creator after the jump:

EDDIE FUNKHOUSER was created by... well, Eddie Funkhouser. He also has a more high end line called EF STUDIO, but this new fusion of mass and prestige, or "masstige", line was created for the masses in mind. It has the same high quality products you would expect from a high end brand, but with a lower price tag. Score!

The line seems to have two distinct categories: the Luxlight collection, which is focused around luminosity, and the beauty bag must-haves.

Some of the highlights from both sections include:

  • Luxlight Hydrating Primer: This beauty bad essential l is more than a primer. It can be used on it's own for a gleaming complexion as a primer to bring luminosity to your foundation.
  • Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation: More than a foundation, this skin refreshing formula is loaded with skin goodness and a beautiful sheen for an extraordinary finish. 
  • Luxlight Illuminator: Th Illuminator takes glowing skin to a whole new level - it leaves your skin looking and feeling luminous. 
  • Luxlight Luminous Powder:  A luxurious powder that will ad a long lasting sheen and shimmer wherever you need it most!
  • Eye Gloss: Eye Gloss is here to stay and an easy way to amp up your look while providing nourishing emollients to eyelids. 
  • Quattro Variable Lash Mascara: Whatever your mood - this mascara has the versatility to give you four different lash effects - whether you're in the mood for fullness, lengthening, curling, or pure drama, this mascara has it all!
  • 16 hour 4-Way Liquid Concealer: Lon lansting, lightweight and conceals to perfection - a girl's best friend. 
  • Micromineral Founsation Powder:  A powder so soft, you'll feel like you're not wearing any makeup at all. 
Of course there are more products to the line, but what is the fun in revealing your whole hand of cards, right? Personally, I'm really interested in how the Eye Gloss is going to work out on my hooded lids. 

I was sent the Quatro Variable Lash Mascara (I actually already have a little video demo up of how the brush functions), the Graffiti Creme Eye Pencil, and a Hyperreal Eye Color Palette in "Ultimate Smokey Eye". You can get a peek at what these look like in the photocollage at the beginning of this post, and full reviews of these products should be up shortly. 

This line is going to be a Rite Aid exclusive when it launches by the Fall of 2013. The initial launch will be at the Rite Aid in Potomac, Maryland, so if you're in the area you may want to go and take a gander. Yeah, yeah... next Fall is a ways off, but fear not! You'll be able to explore the line and purchase items on the EDDIE FUNKHOUSER website sometime this Spring! Unfortunately the products page isn't up and running at this time, but the rest of the site is accessible for you curious folks. 

Personally, I'm pretty excited about a new makeup line for my favorite drugstore and I can't wait to try out all of the seemingly unique items that this brand has to offer. 

You can find out more about the brand on the brand's social media sites:


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