Fred Meyer Sightings! China Glaze, Maybelline, Essence, Wet n Wild, and more!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
I found a whole bunch of goodies at Fred Meyer today! :D

Holy SNAP These Pop Art Craze collections were totally picked through! :O There have got to be some other seriously cosmetic crazy people in my town besides me and my Beauty Bargainistas and I kinda want to meet them because DAYUM! Y'all really went to town on these! There were also a few Fergie line items that were on display, which is kind of neat considering that that line is more or less a Walgreens exclusive. 

Next up are these China Glaze Holographic nail polishes! They're a bit prices at nearly $10 a pop, but I really had to restrain myself from snatching up a few. Here are some swatches of the colors, which China Glaze was cool enough to include in the display:

The full holo effect wasn't captured at all since I had an employee glancing at me suspiciously and I ended up not using flash, but they're not half bad. DEFINITELY better than anything else holographic that I've seen at the drugstore level. 

It looks like Maybelline is attempting their colored mascaras again. I tried out the purple one last year and it left a LOT to be desired. I can't speak on whether or not they've improved the formula, but they've expanded the color selection a little and they might be a fun little addition to a summer look. 

Oooh! Fun! More Color Whisper shades! Maybelline just released 6 limited edition soft, florally colors, which might be worth a look since this lipstick formula is pretty optimal for summer wear. 

Essence released a Floral Grunge collection with some stick on eyeliners, eyeshadow quads, mini lipgloss trios (one of which has a pastel green), and a few other bits and bobs. Again, this is a pretty picked through display. I need to find my people in this town! Come forward on the off chance you're reading this and we can have makeup parties! :3

There was also a pretty big tower of nail art thingies! Mini beads, felt, and nail polish in colors upon colors, oh my! :O I'm pretty certain that everything in this display was under $3 each. They look like a fun and cheap way to get your lazy girl nail art on!

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  1. thanks for the post! I'll keep my out for some of these goodies


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