Clinique Black Honey Nail Polish Dupe!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yeah, yeah... nearly black nail polishes are out of season, I know. I just couldn't help but share this dupe with you though since Clinique Black Honey is one of my go-to vampy shades for Fall.

These two polishes are BANG on. Same coverage, nearly identical viscosity, and the color is a perfect match (and yes... it really is even though both look black - the same burgundy undertone is very evident when sheered out). 

Pros and Cons:
  • Black Honey has better wear time, but is more expensive. 
  • Wine Stain has 0.07 more oz, or 2 more mL, than Black Honey. 
  • Both only require 2 coats for opacity.
I honestly love both of these polishes and am completely happy owning either, but if you're strapped for cash I can't help but recommend CoverGirl Wine Stain as a more budget-friendly option. 

1 comment:

  1. Great post, thanks so much! Been trying to find the perfect blackened burgundy and the covergirl is perfect :)


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