Glossier "Cake" Generation G Matte Lipstick Review + Swatch + "Dupe"

Friday, April 15, 2016
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I've been having a moment with Glossier. Why? Because Glossier is the quintessential cool-girl, minimalist skin care - and now makeup - brand, and even though I don't have the skin for it, subtle makeup has been my favorite look lately. This odd hybrid lipstick in a neutral hue is what I now gravitate towards on a daily basis for a no-muss, no-fuss lip product

In typical Glossier fashion, the Generation G Lipstick is housed in a minimalistic, white plastic tube. It's longer than a typical lipstick, but much thinner and has a color-coded label on the bottom with the product name on it. I can honestly say I've never come across a lipstick like this before. It's a mish-mash of a sheer lipstick and a matte, but the traditional version of those are respectively either glossy and full pigment. This little hybrid has the finish of a matte, and the sheer wash and hydration of a sheer lip product. Two of the shades in the line, which "Cake" is part of, subtly enhances the lip tone while the other two are more punchy for a more vibrant punch of sheer color.

Cake is a nude peachy coral shade. Naturally it's very sheer, but can be built up to some extent. Since it is a matte, it doesn't glide on like a balm, but it's still pretty smooth and still has a somewhat hydrating effect. If you like full color lip products then this is not for you, but if you're looking for a diffusing product that subtly perfection your lip color, this is your new best friend. Basically, it's an Instagram filter for your lips. the matte, almost silicone primer feel, and fragrance free formula really reminded me of something I already had.

The formula, bar the sheer color, reminds me a lot of my Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick in "Nudie Red". When I sheered "Nude Red" out if looked pretty similar to "Cake", the only difference was it pulled a little more pink. The Power of Love formula is also more of a satin, unlike the matte Generation G, but both feel pretty similar on the lips. Both also have the same modeling clay scent, which I'm not all that enthused about.

You can see live swatches of the remaining Generation G shades in my Glossier Phase 2 Set review video. The swatching begins around 5:47.


Price: $18

Size: 0.04 oz

Deal: 20% off your first order

Availability: Glossier


  • Easy, effortless lip product
  • Mild hydration
  • Very natural looking
  • Subtly perfects appearance of lips

  • Smells like modeling clay
Cruelty free: Yep!

Final thoughts: Personally, I like this product and I'm really excited to try some of the more punchy shades. It fits well with my makeup needs and persona aesthetic, but I know that a sheer, barely there lipstick isn't for everyone. If you're all about subtle makeup, I'd say go for it. However if the $18 price tag deters you, the $10 Pacifica Power of Love lipsticks are a good alternative, but they will need to be sheered out for the same effect and won't be as hydrating.


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