Derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask Review

Monday, April 11, 2016
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As someone with combination/oily skin that is also very acne prone, I appreciate a good detoxifying/purifying mask. This Derma e Charcoal Mask is definitely a food detoxifying/purifying mask, and it comes in a sanitary squeeze tube, opposed to an icky pot that you have to dip into like a lot of other masks on the market. This product, along with the rest of the range is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, or GMOs. In addition to having awesome purifying ingredients like activated charcoal, and two oil absorbing clays (bentonite and kaolin if you were wondering), it also has exfoliating apricot seed grans that turns it into a scrub once you're ready to rinse.

This mask dries down pretty dang fast. After about 5 minutes it's pretty much dry on me and I start getting those gross but satisfying dots of sebum leeching through the clay. To get the exfoliating benefits of this skin treatment, you wet your face and start massaging in circular motions to remove the buildup on the skin and also nab the rest of those nasty micropollutants courtesy of city living.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture. I was testing out a new lens.

Removal isn't nearly as difficult as I'm used to with most clay-based masks, but I did have to take extra care to make sure that there were no lagging exfoliating particles squatting in by brows. My skin feels pretty great after this mask since it does a good job of unclogging my face and exfoliating away dullness, but it also doesn't over strip my skin's lipid layer leaving me feeling totally parched. At just under $20, tis won't break the bank, making a more economical alternative to most detoxifying masks with great results.


Price: $19.50

Size: 1.7 oz/48 g

Availability: Derma e, Ulta, Dermstore


  • Relatively easy removal
  • Detoxifies and exfoliates
  • Doesn't contain harmful ingredients
  • Doesn't overly strip the skin

  • None
Cruelty free: Indeed! And vegan too!

Final thoughts: This is a pretty great mask for oily/combo skin peeps like myself. It doesn't strip the skin, provides a relatively quid treatment, has a dual purpose, and is more affordable than most similar products. It's worth picking up if you find it near ya.

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  1. opposed to an icky pot that you have to dip into like a lot of other masks on the market. This product, charcoal powder


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