City Color Shimmer Shadow Review + Swatches

Thursday, April 7, 2016
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City Color is one of those brands that randomly shows up with the occasional product of two in an end display at my local Rite Aid, and prior to getting their Timeless Beauty Palette at Generation Beauty I never paid them much mind. After trying out a few things from their line, like these Shimmer Shadows, I'm kicking myself for not picking up some of their stuff sooner. These affordable singles are a-ma-zing.

First off, the pan size is effing huge. There is 3.65 grams of product in the pan, which is monstrous when compared to something like an Urban Decay single which rings in at a paltry 1.5 g. Excuse me... what!? 3.65 grams for only $6.99 is a steal, especially once you see how pigmented these suckers are. But before we get into the exciting part of this post we need to talk about the packaging. It's sturdy, but not particularly luxurious plastic with the product name and company logo in silver script as well as a black rim printed on it. The black rim flaked off one of the products when I took off the cling wrap, so I don't expect any of that to stick around very long. I also found that some of the shadows were excruciatingly difficult to open... like almost-took-my-nail-trying-to-pry-it-open difficult. I ultimately resorted to using my metal cosmetics spatula to pry them open, so boo to that.

Packaging troubles aside, sweet baby lord these shadows impressed me. The texture is pretty odd. It's definitely not your normal powder eyeshadow. It has a somewhat, forgive the "m" word, moist and gritty feel to it in the pan with a slight give, but despite the chunky appearance, they translate as a smooth, uniform metallic on the lids and the pigment is pretty insane. It has been a long, long time since I found a product with that much pigmentation for under $10. However, with great pigmentation comes fall out. The texture n the pan kind of balls up on the brush and that's where the fallout comes from, so tap that brush off, kiddos!

All four of the shades have very similar payoff, but the sheerest would be "Homecoming Queen", but even then it still has decent pigmentation. "Cheers to Life" is my favorite and is a metallic copper. I was expecting "Homecoming Queen" to be more of a bronzed pink, but it's more of a shimmery, metallic carnation/salmon. "Pharaoh" is a VERY yellow gold. Last but not least is "All Eyes on Me" which is a metallic greyed lavender that honestly reminds me of a rainbow trout. Once these are on, they're pretty steadfast since the base almost seems to "set", however they are blendable during initial application.


Price: $6.99

Size: 0.129 oz/3.65 g

Availability: City Color Cosmetics

Coupon Code: use "SCIENCEOFCHIC" for 15% your order, good through 5/31/2016


  • Fabulous pigmentation
  • Seriously, that pigmentation tho
  • Huge product size
  • Blend easily
  • Hard to find offline
  • Minor fallout
  • The packaging may need to be pried open
Cruelty free: Yes

Final thoughts: WHY AREN'T THESE IN DRUGSTORES EVERYWHERE!? I'm seriously impressed with the pigmentation of these suckers. This is definitely a line that I want to explore since there are a whopping 16 shades available. I just wish that you didn't need a crowbar to open up these lil' dudes.


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