Jouer Blushing Beauty Collection Review + Swatches + Tutorial

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
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Yep, I totally buckled and bought something off my first Beauty Lust List. For those of you who don't know, I went to Gen Beauty LA and was exposed to a lot of brands I hadn't tried before. Jouer happened to be one of those brands and I've been a little obsessed ever since. This "Blushing Beauty" palette was the best way to get the most bang for my buck because you get a gloss, a bronzer, a setting powder, two eyeshadows, and two cream cheek products ann in one compact palette that can fit in your hand.

The palette is totally re-arrangeable by the way. If you don't like something, or want to go for a different look, you can easily swap something out. That is pretty freaking rad. The lego-like packaging makes most Jouer products capable of becoming part of a super customized palette. Oh, and all thee of the clamshell pods come with mirrors on the lid

Before we get into the rest of the review, I'd like to insert my recent video on YouTube that shows y'all how I use this palette to create a simple, every day makeup look. Check it out!

Powder Face Products:

Sheer Matte Powder & Bronzer duo: The translucent powder is indeed quite sheer, which I like because it does it's job without looking overly powdered. The bronzer is a sheer, very warm shade, even on my golden undertoned skin, but the amount of pigmentation is easily controlled but building it up with a light hand or sheering it out further with the powder in the compact. I initially thought this bronzer was matte, but it does have a very subtle amount of a golden shimmer to it. Both it and the bronzer are a tad hard and try and they need a little "scrubbing" with a brush to get adequate product on.

Cream Products:

"Whisper" Tint & "Feather" Highlighter: Both os these sheer cream products have shimmer in them and a nice amount of slip when warmed up with your finger. Both also lean warm with "Whisper" being a shimmery peach pink and "Feather" being an almost peachy champagne. The shimmer in "Whisper" is slightly golden and a tad more subdued than the highlight shade, but not by much. I feel like "Feather" blends and taps out easier than "Whisper". Both are sheer washes of color/shimmer and can be built up. Personally, "Whisper" doesn't work for me. I appreciate that it's pretty sheer, but there is just so much shimmer to it that it looks like a highlight in direct light, which does nothing for my less than perfect skin texture.


Powder Eyeshadow Duo in "Peach" & "Chocolat": Like the face powders, these powder shadows are a little bit dry feeling, but don't require "scrubbing" to get adequate pigmentation. I would call these shadows a semi-sheer formula when compared to something like Urban Decay, but I do want to point out that there is a huge difference between a good sheer eyeshadow and a crappy, patchy shadow that is unintentionally sheer. These are definitely sheer good shadows that can be build up to some extent, apply well, and blend beautifully. "Peach" is a somewhat powdery sheer baby pink with some peach thrown in there. It has a matte base with some very subtle sparkles laced throughout. "Chocolat" is legit my new baby. It's more pigmented than "Peach", but is still nice and subtle. It looks a lot darker in the pan, but shows up as a gorgeous flaxen golden brown.


"Cherish" Lipgloss: If you're a longtime reader or YouTube subscriber you'd know I am NOT a gloss person. I'll admit that I switch this product out with one of their new Lip Crémes, but for a gloss this sin't bad. It's a warm peachy pink with some pink and almost golden shimmers in it. It isn't stick, it isn't goopy, and if it weren't for the bit of grit caused by the shimmer it would be 100% comfortable. As far as glosses go, I'm a fan. I would have preferred a cream finish for comfort and personal taste, but that's life.


Price: $66

  • Bronzer/Powder: 7g
  • Gloss: 5 mL
  • Eyeshadows 2.6g
  • Cream products: 2.6g
Availability: NordstromJouer, Birchbox

  • Compact
  • Contains a large portion of your makeup 
  • Creates a beautiful, subtle makeup look
  • Tons of different products and formulas to try
  • No creams & powders touching!
  • Customizable
  • Face powders are a bit hard & dry
  • Gloss has a gritty feel
  • "Whisper" tint is very shimmery
Cruelty free: Indubitably! 

Final thoughts: This palette showed me a lot of different things Jouer has to offer and fave me an idea of what I know I like, like the shadows, and things that didn't personally work for me but inspire me to try them out in different finishes, like the cheek tint and the gloss. This is actually a pretty good value, even if the powders are a bit hard. You get a pretty large portion of a subtle, slightly enhanced face in a nice, compact package.


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