Spring 2016 Reduced Runway: Candy Apple Lips on a Budget

Friday, April 1, 2016
Because I like to keep things real with y'all, I did receive the Essence lipstick as a PR sample. I'm not being paid to feature it, I just genuinely like it. Onward!

NGL, it's felt like spring in San Diego ever since it started cooling down for fall. Either way, spring is here and so are the new trends for the season! One of the major trends on the runway for this season was a bright red lip and I kinda love it. Instead of keeping things soft and pastel, a lot of runway shows killed it with a bright, happy, bold red pout. I've selected three affordable shades for this trend, two are a little more comfortable for people not super confident about rockin' a red lip or for my more low key peeps, and one unapologetic vivid hue.

1. Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in "All You Need is Red", $2.99

We'll start off easy with the less intense of the two. Meet "All You Need is Red" from the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick line. Unfortunately this shade is not available in the North American market, so if I have any readers abroad in Europe, this is definitely something worth checking out! "All You Need is Red" is a semi-sheer warm strawberry red that gives the lips an almost popsicle stained effect which I absolutely adore during Spring and Summer. It just says, "yeah, I'm casually keeping up with trends without trying too hard". A few major plusses of this lipstick are that it's only $2.99, it's probably the most comfortable $3 lipstick I own, and it's nice and moisturizing, which is a welcome abnormality in a long wear formula.

2. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in "Hot Red", $0.99

Here is the US option for a more sheer red lippie. I really feel like these 99 cent lipsticks from Wet n Wild get overlooked a lot at the drugstore, but they're actually quite nice. Sure the range could use an update in the shades department, but there are some real gems. Hot Red is one of them. Again, this is a more sheer and light weight lipstick, but unlike the other two it's definitely more cool. For less than a buck, it's hard to go wrong with this little guy.

3. ColourPop Lippie Stix in "Frenchie", $5

As lovely as the Essence lipstick is, this bold matte Lippie Stix is more up my alley. This bright, warm, neon red is definitely an attention grabber. It's much lighter, brighter, and happier looking than a fall or even a winter red, and it legit makes me want to go on a date to the beach every time I wear it. Since this is a seriously opaque matte lipstick, it isn't gonna be as comfortable as the Essence one, but I guess that's the trade off. This fabulous little lippie is only gonna set you back $5.

Well that's what I've got for this Spring trend. Even if you decided to indulge in both shades here in the US, it would only set you back a whopping $6, which is less than some drugstore tinted lip balms.

Do you have a favorite Spring trend?
Is there a Spring trend that you'd like me to cover?
Do tell!


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