My Beauty Lust List vol. 2

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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Ok, so my makeup-buying happy ass is on a no buy for a month or more, and I really mean it. Yes, MAC just announced that their eyeshadow pan refills are now only $6, and yes I REALLY want to get my hands on some more Jouer Cheek Tints that don't have shimmer in them, BUT I CANNOT DO THAT. My wallet is sad and starving, and I've got just enough cash to squeak by for the next month... maybe. I dun effed up.

That being said, I am still lusting after a LOT of stuff because hello... beauty blogger here! I recently did a "My Beauty Lust List", but now I need to make a second because look at all the pretty things!

1. Jouer Bare Beauty Palette, $64

Yeah, I totally bought the Blushing Beauty Palette that I featured in my previous Beauty Lust List and while I do like it, it contains more shimmer than I originally thought it would have in the lip gloss and the cheek tint. Shimmer is fine for me on the eyes, but I prefer cream finishes on my cheeks due to texture issues and I'm just not a shimmery lip kind of gal. This little dude looks like it'll be right up my alley with the nude, cream gloss and tint... plus dat eyeshadow trio tho! Seriously though... after playing around with the compact, convenient, and pretty much all-in-one touchup kit that is the Blushing Beauty Palette, I'm totally hooked on these Jouer sets.

2. Etude House Tint My Brows Gel, $11
This is one of those products where I looked at it and thought "what the actual frick-frack". East Asian makeup, specifically Korean makeup has blown up over the past 5 years and it's brought some pretty weird products with it here to the states. This brow gel is unlike any other brow product I've ever seen. It operates very similarly to those lip stains where you apply them and then peel them off 10 minutes later or whatever. Like, what!? What odd sorcery is this! A brow stain? WHAT!? I honestly want it to test it out, and if I like it, it would be rad to use it once every few days to just do some spot staining in the sparser parts of my brows so I don't have to even touch them because your girl is lazy. Very lazy.

3. MILK MAKEUP Weekend Lash Stain, $22

Again with the lazy here. This lovely thing is the MILK MAKEUP Weekend Lash Stain, and theoretically it's supposed to stain your lashes and somehow lengthen them for a good 2 days. I mean, I love me some heavy mascara, but it would be nice to not have to worry about it for a bit. I have some leaky, leaky eyes and my bottom lashes are surprisingly long (they just have blonde ends so they don't look all that long) and I tend to get some transfer down there and maybe this will be the solution to my problem... and also take out another step in my beauty routine for a day. This plus the eyebrow tint goo = my face is about halfway done for two days. 

Yep. More _Glossier. products. I actually have one of these already (it's "Cake" if you're wondering), and as much as I love it, I am craving a little more color. I really like the sheer, comfortable, yet matte formula and I think it would be fun to play around with at least one of the other three shades to give my face more of a wow factor instead of being all nude all the time. 

First of all, LOOK AT HOW PRETTY! I've been a sucker for NARS packaging since forever because of it's sturdy design and minimalism, but the wood grain texture kicks it up a notch for me. I'm a long time fan of Laguna and I think it's finally time to invest in a full sized pan of it after getting by on mini sizes for the past 4 years. Not only is this one a bit bigger than the original, it comes with a tiny Ita brush, and has a pleasant floral scent. Yeah, I'm a bit of an odd duck, I know - I don't like scented skin care products, but I will huff perfumed powders until I die of oxygen deprivation. Yeah, it's much pricier than the original which clocks in at $39, but I want it! 

What are you currently lusting? Let me know!


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