Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop in "Volver" Review + Swatch

Sunday, March 6, 2016

This Twinkle Pop in "Volver" is my first introduction to Marc Jacob's makeup line. The wonderful Laura Neuzeth gushes about these and she had me at their cooling effect and long-wearing ability. I went swatch happy at Sephora and tried out all of the shades. Even though "Volver" was the sheerest one with a small chunking problem, I knew I was going to use this peachy champagne shade the most, and that's the story of how I snapped up the last one they had in the store. 

The packaging is very minimalist chic. The chrome, pencil shaped packaging has a colored tip tha takes the guesswork out of picking out your desired shade. I was expecting this to be a lot heavier because of the metallic appearance, but it's quite light. 

There are a lot of fancy claims about this fancy cream eyeshadow stick, like "it's infused with pure Alpine snow water from the Swiss Alps to hydrate lids and leave them with a soothing sensation".  Like, what? Was that really necessary? Either way, the "soothing", a.k.a cooling, sensation is definitely making this shimmery stick the perfect visual and visceral pick-me-up. The way the "pen" is shaped is supposed to provide "effortless application without the need of a brush", but let's be real... any stick eyeshadow can be applied sans brush, but I think what makes this finger friendly isn't the pen, it's the formula. The formula is very smooth and easy to blend, more so than most other cream products I've used, but it also sets so it won't budge soon after. Supposedly, you can use these as eyeliners, but the stick is way to large to do that without a brush.   

Sure, this feels great going on, but how's the wear time? Pretty frickin' stellar if I do say so myself. Yeah, there's a bit of fading and minor settling of product into my very abundant oily eyelid creases, but it looked entirely passable nearly 12 hours later, and that was WITHOUT primer. I do have to say that this stuff isn't totally smudge proof though because I did absentmindedly rub my left eye a few times, which left a small diffused shimmer explosion on my temples and dimmed down the shimmer factor on my lids, but that was entirely my bad. My right lid was totally fine. Since this one was the sheerest of the lot, I'm kinda wondering whether or not the more opaque ones perform the same or better. I must investigate when the budget allows. 


Price: $28

Size: 0.05 oz

Availability: Sephora, Marc Jacobs

  • Long wearing
  • Nifty cooling effect
  • Hardly creases
  • Easy, on-the-go application
  • Not immune from eye rubs, but then again, not much is
Final thoughts: Mama likes! I can already tell this is going to be a staple in my makeup essentials. The cool sensation during application, the ease and speediness of use, and the longevity make this product worth it. I definitely want to check out more shades... y'know... for science or something. 


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