Essence Liquid Lipstick "Almost Real", "Colour Party", and "Show Off" Review + Swatches

Monday, March 7, 2016
These liquid lipsticks were sent to me for consideration. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Essence released these new liquid lipsticks as part of their Spring 2016 lineup. I was sent 3 of the six shades - "Almost Real", a light nude, "Colour Party", a creamy light pink, and "Show Off", a creamy coral red. These liquid lipsticks are supposed to combine "the best of both lipstick and lip gloss", i.e. you're supposed to "get the impact and coverage of a lipstick with the moisturizing shine of a gloss". I honestly think that "liquid lipstick" is a misnomer. These are more of a pigmented gloss than a true liquid lipstick, and they behave and wear like so. I'm definitely not a gloss fan, but I'll try my best to be objective.

The packaging is pretty cute! It actually reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Color Elixirs - another "liquid lipstick" that's really just a gloss. The gloss pocket is shaped like an actual lipstick bullet, and the cap perfectly matches the shade. My only gripe with the packaging is that the only place to find the shade name is on a sticker used to keep the lid closed in a retail setting. I had to peel mine off and paste it on one of the sides, which is pretty unsightly. It would be nice to have a shade sticker on the bottom instead, but I digress. The applicator wand is fuzzy and paddle shaped with a rounded tip.

All three shades swatch opaquely, but sheer out a touch on the lips. There is still a lot of cream finish pigment, but a bit of your lip shade will peek through. The gloss has a candy flavor, but that quickly disperses. In terms of feel, it definitely has the texture of a thicker, heavier gloss and has a little stick to it. This stuff will stick around (pun) for a good hour and a half before needing reapplication if you're not eating, drinking, or pressing your lips together. Since all of these shades are creamy and not sheer, I did notice that the product did settle a bit into fine lip lines, but it wasn't anything super dramatic.


Price: $2.99

Size: 4 mL/0.13 fl. oz.

Availability, Ulta, Target, Fred Meyer

  • Very pigmented in terms of a gloss
  • Wears long for a gloss
  • They're a bit sticky
  • The cream pigments subtly settle into lip lines
Cruelty Free: Doesn't test on animals.

Final Thoughts: I'm really not a fan of glosses, so this aren't a hit for me, but I dare you to find a more pigmented gloss for less! I'm still a little peeved that the name "liquid lipstick" doesn't really ring true, but then again I'm a gloss hater. If you're a gloss fan, definitely give these inexpensive babes a look!


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