Trust Fund Beauty Polish in "I'm Kind of a Big Deal" Review + Swatch

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I've definitely heart of Trust Fund Beauty through ipsy. I've seen their simplistic, rectangular bottles show up for years now in my YouTube subscription box, but never got the chance to try one out myself until my February GlamBag.

I'm gonna tell you a not-so-secret about myself: I'm probably the butchest femme out there. I love makeup and all that other stuff, but you wouldn't find me dead in a dress (seriously... bury me in a suit) and I haaaaaaaaate pink on me so much that wearing "I'm Kind of a Big Deal" for a week totally harshed my vibe. That being said, I'm not gonna judge this product on the shade because are super subjective, I just had to grip because I HAVE FEEEELINGS! Also, this is SO not a dusty rose like they say it is.

There isn't a ton of literature on this product, but it is a "5 Free" formula, meaning no toluene, formaldehyde, lead, nickel, or phthalates go into it, plus it's vegan and cruelty free so those are all plusses! The litle box it comes in is absolutely adorable and I really dig the super minimalist bottle. As for the product itself, it's a cream finish cool pink rose, NOT dusty rose. As for application, it's a bit goopy. The traditional thin brush doesn't help with that because it takes longer to apply, therefore exposing the already thick formula to air, making it thicker. Even with the thick formula, it still takes around 3 coats for the perfect coverage, which is a bummer because formulas like this normally take only 2. The 3 coats on top of the thick consistency leads to a longer dry time.

After a week by itself, this is what it looks like. It wore just ok. By day one there were really tiny chips at the corners of my nails, but the wear was really evident by day 3. Stress fractures started showing up my day 5. Showers really accelerated the wear. Whit a base and top coat, this will fare better, but that thick formula really messes with it because the thicker the lacquer, the rougher it wears.

TL;DR section:

Price: $15

Size: 17 mL/o.57 fl. oz

Availability: Trust Fund Beauty


  • Doesn't contain harmful ingredients, a.k.a 5 Free formula
  • Thick formula
  • Takes a while to dry
Cruelty free: Yes

Final thoughts: I'm just not that into this polish. The color makes me feel not like myself and I would expect a better formula from a $15 polish. No spank you.


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