Dr Lip Bang's Lip Freak "Sinister Berry" Review + Swatch

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Impulse buy areas are one of my major downfalls, and that is where I found this weirdo lip balm. I mean, the packaging was so interesting and the wording "the strongest buzzing lip balm in the world" were too hard to resist.

The packaging is your pretty standard stick form lip balm, but it includes a highly stylized label. The product looks like a semi-opaque, berry colored balm with a slight graniness and crumbly. The scent and flavor remind me a lot of berry hibiscus tea, but this is all quite boring compared to what this product does - or more accurately feels like.

Bees. It feels like bees buzzing with their fluffy little bumble bee buts all over your lips. It feels like a lip plumper, but with less burning pain, or what television static would feel like if it decided to take up residence in your lips. It's just plain weird. As for it's abilities as a lip balm, it does it's job, but I'd recommend NOT wearing it on cracked or broken skin unless you like feeling like you've been stung by a jellyfish.

Even though it looks like it has some serious color in the tube, the swatch above is super built up and even then the shade is pretty sheer, so even men scared of looking girly (those wimps) can wear this bizarro balm.


Price: $4.95

Size: 0.15 oz/4 g

Availability: Ulta, Dr. Lip Bang


  • Does it's job as a balm
  • Fun, novelty buzzing sensation
  • Unlike most balms, it can't be used over broken skin
Cruelty free: Unknown. I was unable to contact their customer service

Final thoughts: This is a fun, novelty balm. It does it's job while adding a little extra zing! It's definitely for healthy, non-cracked lips. If you're a jerk like me, you'll probably keep it on you as the emergency lip balm to give to friends just because you like to watch the world burn. 


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