February Favorites & Fails

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

FINALLY! I feel so bad for not updating my channel in almost a month, but what could I do with no computer! Today's video features my February favorite products, along with some serious fails. If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you're already well acquainted with a few of these products, but I do have a few items that I haven't gabbed about on here. Also disclaimer here: I've got quite a few PR items in here, but all opinion expressed are my own.

Below are little sparknotes of what I liked and disliked, but they're really supposed to be supplemental bits to the video. HINT - you'd make my day by subscribing.


1. NUDESTIX Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil in "Purity"

  • I'm actually really blown away at how much I liked this product. I had literally never heard of it until I got my Gen Beauty cocktail swag bag, but it has kinda stuck in my brain. Mystic is the only shade that I have, but I'm really interested in picking up two of the other four in their line. Boo for their being only five shades, but yay for being the most comfortable liquid lipstick I've ever used.
  • This face brush has become my go-to for applying foundation. It does such an amazing job and it reaches really difficult areas that I normally need to go over when I use a different brush or a makeup sponge.
4. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque
  • I've been using this hair masque off an on for about a year now, but now since my hair is long enough to wear buns... and also fall asleep in buns, my ends are trashed. I use this about once or twice a month to repair those scraggly little bastards.

1. Morphe S14 and S10
  • These little bastards are crap quality. They broke a wash into using them because the handles are attached to the ferrules using ONLY wimpy glue. The crimp lines on the metal are lies. LIES!
2. theBalm Mr. Write Now in "Jac"
  • I never thought I'd dislike a theBalm item, but this dry, sad little liner proved me wrong. More than half of it is gone, but that's because it's so dry that it snaps. Boo.
  • Three words: Oily. Gitty. Mess. I mean, I don't like glosses in the first place, but this one was really bad.


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