Recent Drugstore Sightings + Fabulous Deal on Nivea Lip Butters + Weekly Damage

Monday, October 21, 2013
I zipped around to several places last week and was pretty delighted by what I found!


Looks like the Viva Diva collection hit the west coast! Wet n Wild Fergie also has a shimmery eyeshadow primer if that is your thing. :) 


My local Target had some pretty discounted Maybelline Great Last colored mascara. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of these since the color payoff isn't amazing (if you want to see a REALLY great colored mascara for a song, check out the Rimmel Extra Pop Mascara, which I have a video review of HERE)

Rite Aid:

Yay snowman polishes!

I'm actually tempted to pick up a scented nail color from Revlon, but my nails tend not to agree with their formulas in general. 

The picture of the Revlon Colorburst Matte and Glossy Balms seems to have disappeared from my phone, but those are there too!

Fred Meyer:

Freddie's has the Milani Textured polishes in! They look rather stunning if I do say so myself. The glitter mascara also looks pretty picked through, but hey...

There was this weird little display of the new Maybelline Color Elixers in the permanent display with a few shades but...

The full display, along with a new nail collection, the Fall collection, and some Nail Show appliques, was hangin' out on the end. 

Maybelline really goes hard in the paint when it comes to fall stuff, don't they?

The essence New in Town collection was pretty fresh when I got there! An interesting little addition is a matte version of their long-lasting lip glosses. Naturally, I picked one up. I've only got a small swatch to go on here, but so far my optimism for them actually being matte is pretty low. 

Sally Hansen looks like they've got some new polishes! Triple Shine... hmmm, sounds interesting. 

The Revlon Fall collection (with the last Invite Only lip butter... that I snapped up), the new eyeshadow singles, and the new Revlon Colorburst balms also made an appearance here too!

Grocery Outlet:

All hail Grocery Outlet! I'll for sure take a Nivea Lip Butter for only $2!

Weekly Damage:

Sooo... this is more like monthly damage thus far. I ordered the Vice 2 at the beginning(ish) of the month, and the other stuff just happened to find their way into my stash over the last week and a half. =/

One would hope that reviews will be posted soon, but one would also hope to have free-time on a regular basis.

And yes, I do have a bit of an obsession with chubby lip pencils. You don't need to remind me.


  1. Revlon makes some of my favorite nail polishes! Oh and the color elixirs are amaaazing

  2. Will you be posting a review of the vice 2?

    1. Even though I'd really like to, it isn't all that likely. :( The only time that I have that isn't totally dominated by work, school, and the correlating homework is on the weekends, which is when I utilize my time by cleaning house. If anything, I'll be able to film a short video with a relatively short review, a comparison of this one to the original, and some swatches, but I really do not have the time to go through the whole process of testing everything out, photographing a ton of things, and typing up a post. :(


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