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Monday, December 2, 2013
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Well, this was supposed to be a video, but I'm totally out of AA batteries, ergo I've got a dead filming camera on my hands. Note to self: buy a camera from this decade.

Looks like my LUSH stash will have to be broken down into several blog posts then! I'd do them all in one foul swoop, but man... that would be one long post!

Oddly enough, this is the most varied part of my collection as of late. Normally I'm a bath product kinda girl, but these things just managed to build up over time. 

- Comforter Shower Gel (L/E): Smells exactly like The Comforter Bubble Bar. I'm not a huge fan of this scent because it contains a fair amount of bergamot oil, which doesn't agree with me. I actually got this from a Tumblr user who saw me kvetching about Twilight being L/E and she sent me over a really impressive care package with this in it!

- Avowash Shower Gel (L/E): This is another shower gel version of a permanent bath product (Avobath). To me, it smells almost exactly like an avocado smoothie sprinkled with fresh grass clippings. It is an interesting scent and I don't exactly know how to feel about it, but I don't hate it. This also came in my little LUSH care package.

- Rose Jam Shower Gel (L/E): Yet another product scented shower gel! Rose Jam surprisingly smells exactly like the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, and Queen of Hearts Soap (sarcasm). This shower gel is duking it out with Twilight for my all-time favorite! The rose scent infused with argan oil and a twist of lemon is so intoxicating and it lingers for (nearly) days after the shower. I need to buy several liters of this before it disappears after Christmas. Thank God that there are several other identical scents at LUSH so I don't get too bummed when I finish this up.

- Twilight Shower Gel (L/E) x 2: I really do have a thing for product scented L/E shower gels, don't I? Anyways, I'm pretty obsessed with the Twilight scent (hence the 2 bottles and 1 empty in my stash). Lavender + malt chocolate = absolute heaven! The big 500mL bottle was also part of my LUSH care package! Unfortunately LUSH only carries the Twilight Bath Bomb year round, so I can only get fleeting fixes of this when I'm rationing out my stash. I'm seriously hoping that they bring this back as a Christmas retro addition next year too!

- Glogg Shower Gel (L/E): I'm actually surprised that LUSH didn't offer this spiced confection for Christmas this year! It normally swoops in and gets sold out pretty quick. It looks like Ponche took over as the spiced, boozy shower gel this year, which is a real shame in my opinion. This smells like getting a big hug from a large, chubby guy in a woolen sweater in front of a fire in the dead of winter while both of you are drinking some spiced cider. YUM!

- Snow Fairy Shower Gel (L/E): What stash would be complete without a bottle of the legendary Snow Fairy? This little guy brings tidings of Christmas, seeing as how it is pretty much a guaranteed seasonal product. It is a very sweet, candy floss scent, and somehow I get this weird underlying artificial banana hint to it. Personally, this really isn't my favorite and I don't understand the hype around it, but the bubblegum pink and iridescent sparkles make it a fun thing to look at.

- Ponche Shower Gel (L/E): Yeah, I really don't like this scent. It just smells weird to me. It is supposed to be a boozy, citrus scent, but it just smells like orange peel spray and orange pith to me. Yuck. I'm trying to kill this little bottle, but I'm finding it hard to do so. Apparently, this is a really big hit with a lot of people, which is why it was brought back this year for Christmas, but I really don't understand why.

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  1. The only lush in my area is an hour away :( I went for the first time and didn't pick up rose jam! I'm really beating myself up about it!
    Anyway, great collection :)


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