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Monday, December 2, 2013
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The LUSH stash continues! To check out my Shower Gel collection, please click HERE. Today we're tackling my (small) Shower Jelly horde! The fun thing about these guys is that you can use them both at room temperature or straight out the freezer!

Little blurbs about these jiggly little dudes after the jump!

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly: This jelly smells a lot like The Comforter Bubble Bar, which is a scent I'm kinda repulsed by because of the bergamot oil used in both. It is a very sweet, fruity scent. The jelly itself if a very dark purple flecked with iridescent glitter, which thankfully does not get left on the body. I'm just trying to make my way through this pot, and it is pretty safe to say that I won't be purchasing it again because I'm not a fan of the smell.

Snow Showers Shower Jelly (L/E): Woo hoo! LUSH brought this back for Christmas this year! The scent description on this is a "champagne" scent with citrus, but I honestly smell a mixture of orange and grape pixie sticks! I really do love this sweet and punchy scent. The appearance of this jelly is a little boring, seeing as it is an opaque white, but whateves. If Shower Jellies aren't your thing, or if you're unable to get this, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb is pretty similar in scent!

Calacas Shower Jelly (L/E): This was a Halloween product from 2012 and I was really bummed that it wasn't brought back this year. Actually, the Halloween lineup for 2013 was pretty lacking. This semi-opaque lime green jelly smells like lime Jell-O with a underlying scent of a LUSH store. Loves! The only thing that is currently available with the same scent is the pricey Calacas Perfume.

Ghost Shower Jelly (L/E): Ghost was another Halloween exclusive from last year that didn't make a return in 2013. This smells like straight up lilies, which fits in pretty nicely with the pure white color and sneaky little allusion to ghosts since lilies are generally used at funerals. I could honestly go either way on this scent since I don't find it to be profound. 


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