Product Review: LUSH Twilight Bath Ballistic

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Even from a very young age I’ve been completely enamored by fancy schmancy bath products. Bath bombs, bath oils, bubble bath, bath salts (the non-zombifying kind of course)… I love them all. This little fizzing baby is NO exception. Twilight series? I’ll pass. Twilight bath bomb? I’ll take 10,000! 
The Twilight bath bomb is actually pretty big. Size wise it’s somewhere between a baseball and a softball (definitely leaning more towards the softball). The outer shell is pink with flecks of yellow and the top has raised stars and a moon to emulate the night sky. Under the top layer (and not pictured) is a smaller blue bath bomb.

Once this baby drops into the bath it fizzes up and colorful foam issues forth out of the sweetly scented sphere. Lavender, ylang ylang, and Ovaltine (yes, Ovaltine) waft up as the fizzing continues. 

After a few minutes the bath water takes on a slightly rosy tint while clouds of white laced pink and soft baby blue dance along the surface as the bath bomb playfully bounces around the tub.

A gorgeous nebula with hints of pink and blue softly swirls on top of fragrant lavender colored waters as the bath bomb reaches the end of it’s fizzy colorful display.

The end result of the Twilight bath bomb is lavender water with flecks of opalescent hexagonal glitter and a foamy surface.
This bath bomb takes quite some time to fully dissolve (upwards of 10 minutes), but the constantly shifting waters and soothing scent makes the wait pleasurable. Twilight is supposed to imitate the change in the sky during sunset, hence the name. I find the scent to be so relaxing, but I will admit that it is pretty sweet so if you’re not into that I would avoid this. The scent also tends to linger on the skin several hours after the bath. 
In addition to being a delightful supplement to a night time bath this bath bomb left my skin feeling supple and smooth. Warm and relaxing scents + skin softening properties = complete and total obliteration of any stress from the day. 
$6.95 might seem like a steep price for a one-use-only product to some people, but sometimes you have to treat yourself and this is the perfect thing to treat yourself with after a long stressful day.

Price: $6.95

Size: 6.3 oz

Color: Pink outer shell, blue inside, and lavender as the finished result. 

Availability: LUSH stores and


  • Very relaxing
  • Entertaining
  • Softens skin
  • Long lingering scent
  • One time use


Cruelty Free: Yep

Overall Rating: 9.5/10


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