About Damn Time: BB Creams are no longer exclusive to pale people, thanks to IMAN!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
BB Creams have deep roots in fairer skinned areas of the globe, and even with the introduction of them into the slightly more varied US market there isn't much luck for POC to find their shade since our cosmetic companies here are geared more towards caucasians. Cue IMAN and her brand new line of BB Creams:

Six colors ranging from relatively light to a gorgeous deep? I think someone just won a gold star!

Much like other BB Creams on the market, the IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Creme has light coverage, SPF, and a buttload of moisturizers or skin tone evening components. However, Iman claims that this one is suitable for ALL skin types, which is a breath of fresh air considering that most BB Creams I've tried make anyone that doesn't have dry skin look like a grease ball.

Unfortunately this product is not yet available for purchase in stores, but it can be pre-ordered from Drugstore.com right now. It will later be introduced to select Walgreens early next month, and then at IMAN Cosmetics locations in March 2013. The suggested retail price for this product is $20.

You can check out the little informational video of this product below if that tickles your fancy.

One small step for IMAN, one GIANT leap for BB Cream. Four for you! You go IMAN!


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