Dupe Debunk: NARS Laguna/Orgasm Duo vs e.l.f Contouring Blush & Bronzer duo

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Here is a misguided dupe that kinda frustrates me. I’m one of those finicky people that believes that dupes need to be >97% the same to be considered true dupes, so hearing that these two products are dupes from multiple sources is something that I want to put to rest.
Let's get on with it, shall we? 

NARS Orgasm and Laguna in separate pans. 
What the actual NARS Duo looks like (photo from Sephora.com), $41

e.l.f Contouring Blush & Bronzer Duo, $3

As you can see, the packaging for the two products in question are quite similar. Both are black clamshell compacts with large mirrors and similar pans. However, the NARS compact (and the rest of the NARS products) has a rubberized texture. The elf compact is significantly less weighted and isn’t as high quality. Even though the packaging isn't really important when it comes to dupes, I thought I should mention it.  
On to the swatches and product comparisons!

No flash.
With flash

NARS Orgasm
  • Has a golden sheen to it
  • More peach
  • More sheer
  • Finely milled
elf Blush:
  • More opaque
  • Very powdery
  • It has glitter chunks in it
  • The pink is actually lighter, but since is doesn’t have the sheen like Orgasm it appears darker on both swatches

NARS Laguna:
  • Sheerer
  • Lighter shade
  • Has a subtle warm shimmer
  • Finely milled
elf Bronzer:
  • Darker bronze shade
  • Has golden glitter

Additional Notes:
  • The NARS surpasses e.l.f in terms of quality. The powders are much more finely milled, kick up less powder, and are more easily blended.
  • The e.l.f products end up depositing more pigmentation on the brush and face because the powders are a bit dryer and less densely pressed.

So there you have it! These two products aren't a far cry from each other, but they're certainly not dupes. That being said, they're both pretty useful to stash in your bag if you're on the run because you get two products in some sleek packaging with a large mirror even though the e.l.f one is less of a quality product, but at a $38 difference I'm really not complaining.  


  1. Hi Carly, I love your tumblr and youtube and this blog too so I wanted to pass on the Liebster Award to you :)It's an award for bloggers (obviously lol) so if you want to accept it the details and stuff are on my blog in the April archives. I wasn't sure where to let you know so I hope this is okay ^^"

  2. I am glad you cleared this up. It bothered me that everyone seems to be claiming these two products as dupes when they evidently are not.


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