Weekly Obsessions Vol. 1

Friday, March 15, 2013
Hello there dearest readers! It's been a spell, huh? I thought that I'd touch base with y'all because I miss ya! I promise that I'll have some legitimate makeup content up soon. Life has just been super chaotic and GO GO GO lately and today has been the only day in weeks that I've been able to kick back. :3

I just wanted to share a few things with you that I've been LOVING this week (with a few choice omissions which you'll see later... *wink*).

1) LUSH Cosmetics Under the Covers massage bar
  • This thing smells like strawberry Laffy Taffy! :D I knew I had to have it after I heard that description from a fellow Lushie and I haven't regretted it... well, beyond the fact that I could only get my hands on one before it sold out (BOO). 
  • This massage bar is different than the other permanent massage bars because LUSH uses some magical whipping process which makes it last longer and work better than normal ones. Proof? I've used it 3 times and it looks exactly the same as the day I unwrapped it. 
  • Another reason that I really like this is because the scent is a lot different and more alluring than other LUSH "strawberry" scented items (Strawberry Feels, Magic Mushroom, etc).
  • If you can find one of these, BUY IT!
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm baby! I love the way this guy smells! Normally I don't gravitate towards perfumes that are primarily floral, but this one is a definite exception! I feel the most confident and charismatic when I wear this and I'd honestly bathe in it if I didn't have to sell my car for a few gallons. 
  • The main notes in this perfume are jasmine, lilac, rose, and white musk. 
3) Wooden Carved Rose earrings
  • My friend Melinda bought me these yeeeeears back and I popped them in as I was running out the door for work and I completely fell in love! I'm a big fan of larger and dangly earrings, but I'm not a fan of the weight, which is no concern with these uber light and simplistically gorgeous duds. Thanks Minda! If by some chance you're reading this, I really love them. <3
4) Statement bib necklace
  • I picked this up at Target the other day for just $16.99 and I have to stop myself from wearing it with anything and everything! I sense another addiction coming on...


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