Partial LUSH Valentine's Day Haul! + a sneak peek at the LUSH Easter line! :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
I had the pleasure of being able to shop at my absolute FAVORITE LUSH shop (Bellevue Square LUSH) last weekend and of course I had to pick up a few of their Valentine's Day products.

It's a pretty modest haul, I'll admit... but in my defense the store was UBER busy that day and I had a grumpy 16 year old boy that was slightly reviled by the scent of the place so my stay was painfully short. I was probably in there for a grand total of 3 minutes, but I still managed to snag a The Ex-Factor bath ballistic, a From Dawn 'Til Dusk massage bar, and two Magic Mushroom bubble bars. I really wanted to pick up the rest of the line, but alas... perhaps at a later date. 

From Dawn 'Til Dusk

From Dawn 'Til Dusk was the first thing that I picked up. I originally had no intention of buying this product based off of the online description, but it seriously surprised me! It's a seriously citrusy sucker, but not sour citrus... it's more of a Fruit Loop scent, which I adore! I ended up snatching this little guy up for a surprisingly low price for a massage bar at only $7.95. This product is the only one of the four that I've been able to test out as of now and it's quite lovely... then again, so are my boyfriend's massive massage hands! 

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars

I've been LUSTING after these bubble bars since I saw demos of them on YouTube from last year. I'm obsessed with mushrooms/toadstools/most fungi so I knew that these were going home with me. They have a scent similar to American Cream, which LUSH describes as "strawberries and cream" and I think that is a bunch of bunk. They're certainly not strawberries and cream scented, but they do have that sweet and creamy scent. I can't wait to pop one of these little guys into the bath! They're really dense so I'm predicting that they're going to yield marvelous results. These fun little fungi will run you $5.95 a pop, which isn't half bad since you'll probably be getting 2-3+ uses out of one. 

The Ex-Factor

This bath ballistic is yet another one of those products I wasn't expecting to like or want, but I've ended up being slightly obsessed with! This little blue and overly cheerful guy has the most alluring musky vanilla scent! It's both sweet and sensual without being total overkill. I am completely in love with this scent and it is right under Twilight in terms of favorite scents from LUSH! According to the LUSH website, this has the same scent as Butterball which is a HUGE relief to me since I would be devastated if I could only have this once a year. This little guy is an incredibly cheap date at only $4.95.

So that concludes my haul! I really hope to pick up the remainder of the line some point soon. :) But before I sign off, I though I would share this with you:

The Easter line sneak peek is on the back of the current LUSH Times! :DDD I'm seriously stoked, guys! I'm probably going to get one (or more) of each.

Have you picked anything up from LUSH lately (V-day line or not)?

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