My 5 Favorite Pinky Nudes.

Friday, February 15, 2013
Yes, this post is me professing my love for 5 lip products that fall in to a color category, but it should honestly be named "The Post in Which I Flaunt More Limited Edition Products than Permanent. Yes, I Feel Like a Huge [insert obscenity of choice here], and I Am Very Sorry. Please Don't Stone Me".  Moving on...

When it comes to lipsticks or lip colors, I'm either wearing a nude lip or a vampy one. Pretty bi-polar with my preferences, huh? The nudes I prefer are more on the pinky side since I'm not a huge fan of the whole "corpse" look that can come as the result of a flesh toned nude. I do have a few other nudes that lean peach, flesh, or brown in my small army of lipsticks, but pinky nudes and myself get along the best, so come meet my dream team!

Photo taken with flash to give best color representation.

1. YSL Rouge Volupte in 2 (or Sensual Silk), $34.

Light creamy pinky nude with a "creamsheen" finish

This lux little lovely has me in a bit of a love/hate relationship. On one hand you have the luxurious and weighty packaging which just SCREAMS "look at me! I'm a fancy pants lady", plus the lipstick just glides right on and is SUPER opaque. But on the other hand you have very pitiful wear time, which would be a total deal breaker if I didn't completely love this color. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to purchase from this line of lippies from YSL again, but I will love this one until I'm scraping the very last remains out of the bullett.

2. MAC A Perfect Day, L/E.

A creamy rosy beige nude with an amplified finish.

Oh, MAC and your many limited edition collections! A Perfect Day (or My Perfect Nude, as I like to call it) was from their Naturally Collection back in late 2011 and I haven't seen hide nor hair of this little beauty anywhere since then! YSL Sensual Silk is similar, but the difference in finishes really do make them stand apart, plus the formula on this one is a touch better since it doesn't slide off the lips after 30 minutes. 

3. MAC Woo Me Kissable Lipcolour, L/E

A creamy light beige nude with a touch of pink and a sheen-y finish.

Again, another limited edition from MAC! Unlike A Perfect Day, this has actually popped up twice. I got mine when the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection came out around this time last year and I haven't looked back since... but I have been poking around CCOs to find a back up! This shade is also pretty similar to the two previous ones, but since it isn't fully opaque, the color can change based on how pigmented the lips of the wearer are. I quite like the formula on this as far as liquid lip colors go. It isn't sticky, it isn't drying, it doesn't cling to patches... it's frankly quite pleasant to wear. My only gripe is that it needs pretty frequent reapplication. 

4. theBalm Mai Billsbepaid, $16.

A rosy pink nude with a touch of brown/grey and a creamy satin finish.

Mai Billsbepaid is THE MOST underrated nude out there. Ever. The formula is a bit draggy at first, but once you break past that, it just goes for DAYS. The color pay off is amazing, it isn't drying in the least bit, and c'mon... it's punny! 

5. theBalm Milly, L/E (???)

A neutral creamy rosy pink with a satin finish.

Milly is similar to Mai Billsbepaid, but it is more rosy. I really wish that theBalm made this in lipstick form, because I'm not a huge fan of potted lip colors... plus, what happens when I run out!? This is part of a $40 palette, and although I do like the palette itself, repurchasing it for a single pot of lip color is absurd. The formula on this is a lot thinner than the other nudes in this post and needs a few swipes over the lips for full opacity, but the buildable opacity makes it nice for a custom pinky nude lip. 

So, my lovelies, what are your favorite nudes?


  1. LOVE TheBalm Girls Mai Billsbepaid can easily agree with you that it is super underrated. IT NEEDS MORE FAME!

  2. I'm going to a CCO tomorrow and I think I'm going to give in and get Woo Me if they have it. I'm like 80% sure I saw it last time.


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