Weekly Wish List #2

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Here we are again! Another Sunday, another beginning of the week, and another blog post in which I fawn over products that I'm either too lazy to go out and buy or are just our of reach in terms of budget.

1. NYX Setting Spray, $8.

It looks like a drugstore(ish) brand besides e.l.f is hopping on the setting spray train! Yay! I'm a huge fan of the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray, but at $29 a pop I'm a little reluctant to repurchase. NYX seems to have pretty consistently good products (with the exception of those glitter palette jokes) so I'm assuming that these will function just fine.  NYX is offering 2 different finishes (dewey and matte) and when I manage to find these at my local Ulta I'll probably snap up both! Here is to hoping it works as well as the UD one without having the cheap feel (and smell) like the e.l.f one.

2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, $43.

I hear about this tinted moisturizer SO MUCH and I'm literally dying to try it... or I could simply be dying because that is the natural course of life since I am a lump of decaying cells just like the rest of all living things...
ANYWAYS, I've really been into the more "natural" look when it comes to makeup as of late (I actually put up a "no makeup" makeup tutorial this past Thursday... clicky), and since it gets such rave reviews from so many people I kind of really want it. I'm definitely going to have to get color matched/sampled up with this next time I happen by a Sephora.

3. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!, $19.00.

I love this mascara and it has been too damn long since I've owned it! Since my current mascara stash has a whopping one mascara making up the contents, I feel that it's alright to start lusting after mascaras again. Ooobby, I need you in my life (again). 

4. Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up Concealer, $9.99.

Yes, I'm aware that I currently have 7 different concealers in my makeup stash, but hear me out. 5 aren't the right shade, two are sheerly pigmented "highlighting concealers", and 3 of the 5 that aren't the right shade don't do bupkiss when it comes to concealing blemishes/hyperpigmentation. I had GREAT success with the lightest shade from the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer palette (I ran out of this last week), but I don't want to go buy another one and be stuck with another powder and 2 shades that don't match me. I'm hoping that the All Covered Up concealer is the same thing, just in potted form and I'm reeeeally itching to pick it up!


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