Pür Lip Lure "Mystic" Review

Friday, February 5, 2016
Disclaimer time! I received this as a freebie in my Generation Beauty cocktail swag bag. All opinions expressed here are my own.

I'm gonna level with you guys... this is my first time using a PÜR product. I don't know... maybe it's the fact that it's always towards the back of every Ulta that I go to or that I had this misconception that they were strictly a skincare brand, but here we are. Let's talk about the PÜR Lip Lure Hydrating Lip Lacquer in Mystic.

Since my expectations going into this was basically a blank slate, I had a lot of fun figuring out this product. What first got me was how weighty the metal tube was... and the fact that I tried for a good half minute trying to open the twisty end which I thought was going to be a lip brush of some sort. I'm overall pretty impressed with the packaging because it's so sturdy and the writing seems to be part of the metal so no faded labels!

This product is a twist up pen with a fuzzy, flocked, "showerhead" applicator. I've had my experience with these in the past and I was never that impressed with them. This one is a whole other deal though. Yeah, it still takes a few minutes of twisting up the product, but the applicator has some kind of super soft voodoo magic that applies perfect, uniform pigment and kept within the lip lines very easily.

The color is a lovely raspberry plum shade, kind of similar to MAC Rebel, but more raspberryish. It has a cream finish with no shimmer. The formula is very comfortable and feels lightweight on the lips. It's also exceptionally opaque, and also prone to staining. PÜR claims that it takes one swipe for full pigment and they're not lying. As for longevity, it made it through a hearty turkey reuben with only fading in the center of the lips. It makes it about three hours with eating and drinking before reapplication really needs to happen and reapplying over the top is no problem whatsoever. It isn't, however, transferproof. BUT you will get about three smooch tests into this before the color starts to dull. The only claim that this doesn't fully meet is the hydrating factor since I did find myself mightily needing some chapstick by the end of the day, but it's probably one of the more hydrating liquid lip colors I've tried.

Just to drive to drive the pigmentation point home, these two nearly identical swatches are one swipe (bottom), and multiple (top). One swipe is definitely enough, but if you want to build up the sheen factor you can swipe it on a few more times. Oh, and as for scent and taste, there isn't much to report.

TL;DR section:

Price: $22

Size: 0.05 oz/1.4 g

Availability: Ulta, and PÜR

  • Exceptional pigmentation
  • Smooth and comfortable on the lips
  • Easy to apply
  • Wears a long time considering it's a cream product
  • Only 5 shades
  • Stains a bit
  • Transfers

Cruelty free: Indeed it is!

Final thoughts: Mystic is definitely one of the more comfortable liquid lipsticks I've ever worn. It has nice, full, and even pigmentation and wears for a decent amount of time despite never "drying down" and being a cream product - overall I'm really impressed. It's a bit pricey at $22 and the shade selection is limited, but it's worth a looksee. If $22 still seems a bit unmanageable, Ebates always offers some form of cash back on their site as well as Ulta's. You can sign up for Ebates here to get cash back on online purchases.


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