$1.50 Hand Saving Gadget for Cleaning Brushes

Monday, February 1, 2016

I was up in Northridge last weekend for Generation Beauty and foolishly forgot some hair ties. I decided to hit up Diaso, the Japanese equivalent of a dollar+ store, and found this little guy instead! I had to snatch it up immediately because my first thought when I saw it was "hey, I can clean my brushes with that" despite it being a face cleaning scrubby brush. The $1.50 for this finger held, textured silicone pad flew out of my wallet within seconds.

This little dude came in three different colors - peach, pink, and my favored purple. It comfortably sits between two fingers and even has a nice, molded back that makes holding this for long periods of time while cleaning quite pleasant.

This is no Sigma Brush Mat since it is rather small with only one texture on it, but for traveling light, use with smaller brushes, or even for small brush collections, this'll do quite nicely. 


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