Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in HD Addiction Review

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This lip product was one of the many items in my Winter 2016 BeautyCon BFF Box, which you can find a video of my unboxing HERE. It's kind of been rolling around in my "to review" bag for a while so I decided to pull it for y'all. The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is a fairly new product on the market since I noticed it popping up not long after I moved down to SoCal. I never really went for it because I don't find myself that drawn to Revlon products... plus it's also $10 and brands like L'Oreal, Revlon, and even Covergirl are slowly inching their affordability out of the drugstore. No me gusta. There are a few things other than the high price point that I don't like, but we'll get on to those later. 

The packaging is actually pretty swanky looking considering that Revlon tends to keep things very plain jane. It's still incredibly simplistic, but the frosted tube, ellipsoidal shape , silver (plastic) lid, and minimal lettering is very modern and sleek. The formula has a lovely watermelon candy scent and taste and the payoff isn't half bad either! It has rich, uniform pigmentation and a creamy finish. For something called an "Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor", it sure isn't very matte - it's more of a super pigmented gloss that eventually wears down, not dries down, into a satin finish. It also takes forever to "dry", never truly sets which leads to transfer, and feels a bit cakey on the lips. That being said, it does last on the lips for several hours through light drinking and snacking, but it won't survive a full on meal.
Top is built up, bottom is one swipe sheered out.

TL;DR section:

Price: $10 depending on where you find it

Size: 0.2 fl oz/5.9 mL

Availability: CVS, Ulta, drugstores, Walmart, Target

  • Rich, uniform pigmentation
  • Pleasant watermelon scent and flavor
  • Long wear time for a non-matte product
  • Never sets/dries down
  • Isn't matte
  • Transfers
  • Feels a bit goopy

Cruelty free: Nope. Sells in China, ergo undergoes third party animal testing as per request by the country.

Final Verdict: I mean, I like this product... but I don't love it and I certainly don't think Revlon should be asking $10 for a product that doesn't do what it claims. 


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