It's Time to Get Serious

Monday, February 22, 2016
I started my journey with beauty blogging about 5 years ago. Over this past half decade I've switched from Xanga (yes, Xanga) to Tumblr, and then to here on Blogspot. I've been through a lot with my blog, but I've also been through a lot with my personal life, hence the less than perfect attendance sheet when it comes to me blogging regularly. Well, that all ends now.

I can still remember the giddy feelings I'd get when I'd post an article to Lovelyish, which is a Xanga side blog that has been out of commission for going on a year now, and how my joy of blogging and trying out new products would make feel in the beginning of this whole ordeal. I want to go back to that, but I've got a few things standing in my way.

One big reason is crippling depression and anxiety that has only gotten worse since entering adulthood, but that's a story for a different day. That issue aside, my life is very cluttered and it stresses me out, which in turn affects my ability to successfully apply myself to my passions. Currently I'm trying to streamline that by getting rid of unnecessary crap in my life, and also things I don't really touch in my makeup collection. I have both makeup and clothing/accessory items up on my PoshMark closet for some pretty good deals if you want to check that out. You can use my affiliate code, BDVKI, when you sign up to knock $10 off your first order.

Shameless, albeit legitimate point, plug aside - hey, a girl has gotta pay her bills and also buy a new laptop because this one is giving up - I think one of my main problems is my mindset. I've been at this for 5 years and I've seen a lot of mainstream makeup - so much that I kind of get annoyed when brands launch another gimmicky product or add yet another neutral palette to their line. I'm not gonna lie... things have kind of lost their magic for me and I'm cranky at myself for feeling this way. However, I'm really trying, as much as I can on my extremely limited budget, to branch out and stop sticking to the same brands and products that I've been using for years.  I'd really like to look at smaller brands, less popular brands, or indie brands - like Jouer, which I've come to discover I rather do like but refused to touch as a 17 year old makeup junkie because the brand wasn't "cool" or "trendy".

Moral of the story here, I'm an adult and it's time to start acting like one while engaging in my passions and branching out more. Ideally I'd like to run this blog as a real, legitimate part time job because blogging about things that I love with people that have the same interests genuinely brings me a sense of self worth and happiness, opposed to the mind-numbing, slow death of "traditional" jobs I've had to take in the past that have zero things to do with what I want to do with my life. And you know what? Hell or high water, I'm gonna do it.

I'm going to apply myself with the same rabid passion and tenacity as I did in the beginning and get myself somewhere doing this.

Welcome to The Science of Chic reloaded. Let's get shit done.


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