Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Review

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
I got this little sample tube a while ago in a large barrage of samples a lovely Ulta worker in Corvallis bestowed upon me - seriously though, if you're near Corvallis, Oregon hit up their Ulta. It's small, but amazing. Anyways, back on track...

I've been really getting into skin care lately because cleanliness is next to godliness and my adult, acneic skin isn't getting any younger. One of my favorite steps for sure is using a cleansing oil as the start of my double cleansing process because they're very gentle, quite effective at removing makeup, and don't strip the skin because there isn't any detergent in it. I didn't know what to expect from this gel-to-oil cleanser since I hadn't tried any Bliss products and the formula was a bit different than what I was used to, but I'm actually quite liking it!

One thing that puts this makeup melter apart from the rest of cleansing oils is that it comes out as a very viscous blob. Because of the thickness of this product, I've found that warming it between your fingers before applying it to the face makes it easier to work with and helps it glide on opposed to smear on since you're working with something that has more resistance than a traditional oil. I actually like the viscosity of it because it's one hell of a lot less messy than a liquid-y oil sliding all over the place and getting all over your bathroom or clothes. I also prefer to keep it as a gel during the makeup removal process and then wet it and work it into a more easily removed oil when it's time to rinse. It's a very effective remover, by the way. It gets off all my makeup, but I've found that it, and many other products, struggle a bit with massive loads of mascara or waterproof eye makeup.

This thing certainly has a scent to it since it is formulated with essential oils, and that bums me out a bit. Sure, it smells nice, but I prefer not to have any added scents added to my skin care items, especially if they're going to be near my eyeballs. Granted, the added scent hasn't actually irritated my eyes even though I go pretty heavy with it in that area, but it still kind of puts me on edge. The scent, if you're wondering, is a little herbal and reminds me a lot of Dermalogica Pre Cleanse (ah... esthetics school memories), but it's a bit more lemon balm-y.

TL;DR Section

Price: $11, $28

Size: 1.5 oz, 4.2 oz

Availability: Ulta, Bliss

  • Very effective at removing makeup
  • Less messy than traditional cleansing oils
  • Very gentle, won't strip skin


  • Contains fragrance, but doesn't irritate eyes

Cruelty free: Nope

Final Verdict: So as I'm reaching the end of my sample tube, I have to ask myself whether of not I want to purchase a full sized one. My answer right now is maybe in the future, but not right now. Don't get me wrong, I really like this product, but I have some other pre-cleansing items and methods that I need to make my way through right now before going out and spending money. I really do like this one because it's effective and less messy than other cleansing oils, but if I find something similar without the added scent I'll probably go for that one. I definitely recommend this product, but I'm kinda broke and have a lot of products I need to try out. 


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